Entrepreneurship Development workshop

Solar power generation an upcoming sector will generate tremendous business and job opportunities in the near future.REGurukul is pleased to announce a two-day workshop for entrepreneurs, working professionals and students alike on the world of opportunities in the field of Solar Energy.

This workshop is designed for professionals who are looking at demystifying the business, finance, technology and regulatory landscape of solar energy. The workshop will establish the viability and profitability of Solar Energy business through practical business cases. The workshop will also provide an excellent opportunity for networking. Participants will have an understanding of National Solar Mission, Government & State policies, fundamentals of Solar Photovoltaic, system designing, Renewable Energy Certification mechanism, etc. The workshop will be conducted in a participative mode with each session building upon the previous sessions.

Who should attend?

The workshop addresses various aspects of Solar PV technology that will address the following groups of attendees:

  • Entrepreneurs who are looking out to diversify to the sun rise industry.
  • Consumers interested in knowing how to build Solar plant for their self-consumption
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs interested in knowing A2Z of solar PV technology and business opportunities.


  • Solar Technology Demystified
    • Overall information on Solar Technology and its components
    • Various Solution schematics
    • Ease of implementation and support
    • Clarity on technology myths and realities
  • Myths and Realities of Solar Biz
    • Cost perspective w.r.t. conventional energy system
    • Technology Obsolence
    • Government Subsidies
    • Warranties and Guarantees from Suppliers and integrators
  • How to start successful Solar Biz
    • Types of solar Businesses, Investments, ROI,
    • Government Support system
    • Financing options
    • Market scenario
  • Business and Project financing
    • Business Finance viability for your Solar Biz project
  • Business essentials
    • Various Businesses in Solar Energy sector
  • Business Case for Rooftop- Off Grid, Net metering & Self consumption
  • Self-Consumption
    • Investments, Business Models, Profitability
    • Market scenario, Information on Tenders,
    • Registration with Government departments
    • Areas of risks and mitigation
  • Entrepreneur
    • High level design of Rooftop
    • Business Model
    • Govt. financial subsidies, Tax rebates, Accelerated Depreciation
    • Cost Structure, Payback period of the Roof top project
    • Practical Workbook of Rooftop design
  • Business Case for Community scale IPP - <50MW
    • High level design of <50MW plant
    • Business Model & it's components
    • Interfacing with Discom
    • PPA, Recovery of Money
    • Govt. financial subsidies, Tax rebates, Accelerated Depreciation
    • Cost Structure, Payback period
  • Operations & Maintenance
    • Business Model
    • P/L and Profitability
  • Technology Case Study

About REGurukul

Skill Development programs dedicated to Renewable Energy sector.

Our Activities

  • Develop entrepreneurs in Renewable Energy sector
  • Drive CSR for the country through Renewable Energy
  • Develop skilled manpower to support the growing demands of Renewable Energy sector
  • Undertake Research and Development

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Get in touch

Date: 6th & 7th August, 2016 (Saturday and Sunday).
Time: 10 am to 5:00 pm
Venue: Omnitech House, A13, Cross Road no.5, Kondivita Road,
Marol MIDC, Andheri (E), Mumbai - 400093
Contact Details: Mr. Shailesh Maurya, Mobile no. +918424985446
Email: solarbiztalk@omnitechglobal.com
Your investment: Rs. 7000/-* Per Participant^
Group booking: Rs.6500/-*per Participant (for 3 or more participants) ^
Payment: By cash or direct bank transfer
*Exclusive of 14.5% Service Tax | ^Introductory offer